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HeadshotBorn in Washington, DC and based in Austin, TX, Patrick Waldo is a jack of all trades.  Currently a Senior Manager at Decernis, an information systems company based in Washington, DC that helps companies comply with the complex and changing regulatory environment for food and product safety, he brings over six years of experience building Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.  As a lead developer, he began his career inventing, developing and managing Decernis News, which tracks regulatory news events for 160 countries automatically.  His work awarded him his first two patents: US Patent 8,290,965 and US Patent 8,589,380.  In 2010, Patrick was asked to lead the product development for the Decernis Supply Chain Management platform, which has lead to U.S. Patent Application No. 2011/0307292.  His work has been adopted by industry leaders in Beverages, Candy, Paper Manufacturing and many other food processors.  In order to manage his projects more effectively, he began his foray into Scrum and Agile principles in 2013.  Scrum has led to reduced errors, higher moral, higher overall productivity and more input from stakeholders.

Patrick believes that innovation is the heart of his work.  His intrapreneurship at Decernis has built two products from the ground up and he is currently revamping their flagship product gComply Plus, a rule based engine to determine regulatory compliance decisions automatically.  Patrick does not shy away from complex tasks.  In fact, he is a self-taught programmer who loves a challenge.

Outside of his work in technology and product management, he is a passionate arts lover.  He has consulted on a diverse array of projects.  For the Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP), the oldest media non-profit in Texas celebrating over 35 years of excellence in non-commercial, independent film, he facilitated Strategic Planning workshops and authored their 2012 strategic plan.  He continues to advise them and is currently revamping their website.  For the Italian duo Antonello Ghezzi, he developed a technical and fundraising plan for the Never Ending Night project, a transmedia project collaborating with international observatories to stream the stars live in an immersive experience.  Their campaign raised over $5,000 to put a camera in the Italian Arctic Station Base Dirigibile.  Patrick has worked on a number of other successful crowdfunding campaigns as well.  He advised Fight Specific Isola, a book on gentrification in the Isola section of Milan that raised over $6,000 on Kickstarter.  He advised Live from UB, a film by Lauren Knapp on Mongolian rock that raised over $9,000 on IndieGoGo.  He was an Associate Producer for Usted Está Aquí, a transmedia project based in Buenos Aires, Argentina that raised over $3,000 on Idea.Me.  And finally, he raised over $3,000 for Managing Instability, his first campaign to raise funds to research the financial models of independent cultural spaces in Europe.

To all of his projects, Patrick brings an international view.  He lived in Italy for over five years.  He also worked and studied in Prague, Czech Republic for six months.  His clients are located everywhere in the world and his team is based in seven countries.  Inter-cultural management and dialogue is one of his core strengths.

Patrick has a Master of Arts (MA) from the Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College of Public Policy and Management, a Master of Science (MSc) from the University of Bologna School of Economics with honors and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Grinnell College with honors.


Photo Credit: Justin Riley


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